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Our Approach

At EarthWise Services, our water resource management services are shaped around the 3Ss.  SoilsSystems and Scheduling are vital to achieve sustainable and optimal water resource management.

Smart farms balance these three areas that are dependent upon each other. For instance, a system cannot deliver optimal water resources if it is not designed to manage variability within the soils under the land it covers. Optimal scheduling is impossible with either a poorly maintained or poorly designed irrigation system. At Earthwise services, we bring two decades of experience and knowhow to ensure your farm smartly balances Soils, Systems and Scheduling.


Soils   •   Systems   •   Scheduling


Most Australian soils can be described as ancient, weathered and fragile. These soils require careful management to sustain irrigated crops. Variability in soil properties is commonly found within most irrigation districts and is often challenging to manage. A soil survey is vital to understand variability within an irrigated area and to form a plan to manage the range of soil characteristics in a given area of land. The soil survey can guide which areas of land have similar properties and can be managed similarly and highlight areas with specific challenges that are not suitable for irrigation or need specific management or amelioration.

Earthwise Services provides comprehensive review of your soils data as the basis for irrigation scheduling and optimal crop production. [Read More]

We offer four service packages based on your goals and needs for water management and water sustainability.


A well designed and maintained irrigation system is essential for peak efficiency and productivity. Now that the design is known to match the soils it covers, we move on to consider the irrigation system. There are two points to consider:

1. The Design of the System
2. The Operation of the System

Irrigation System Design

Designing an irrigation system for a commercial horticulture business requires specialist expertise. It’s a work of engineering designed around specific parameters and limitations. If an irrigation system operates outside of its design parameters, inefficiencies are likely to occur such as increase operating costs, reduced capacity of the system or uneven distribution of water within parts of the system. Any of these inefficiencies increase the risk of productivity losses.

Design of an irrigation system is worthy of significant attention and time investment before installation. Mistakes or shortfalls in the design stage of irrigation system development have long lasting and expensive ongoing consequences. EarthWise Services recommends using a Certified Irrigation Designer for all irrigation system planning.

Irrigation System Operation

All professional irrigation designs are commissioned with comprehensive plans. These plans are important to keep hold of for ongoing future reference. Among other detail, they should contain specifications for operating pressures and flow rates throughout the system, shift configurations and emitter product specifications. Regular system checks are important to assess system performance against the original design and monitor when maintenance needs to occur.

EarthWise Services provides efficient and accurate irrigation system testing and performance evaluation to take the hassle out of system testing. Our reports clearly indicate where your attention is needed so improvements can be made.

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Irrigation scheduling is largely about applying the right amount of water at the right time. Innovation and investment in irrigation scheduling has attracted much attention in recent times driven by newly available technology and increasing value of water. There are all sorts of technologies that can assist scheduling from dig sticks to advanced forward planning forecasting models.

EarthWise Services provides a range of scheduling solutions to suit your management preferences. The options, combinations and limitations of the range of different choices is challenging to understand in detail. EarthWise Services listens to your business needs and objectives; identify a shortlist amongst all the options, and delivery a solution to optimise your irrigation management system.


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