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Our Products

Earthwise Services provides a range of products to measure, send and display data to optimise irrigation management. We listen to your objectives to recommend options to suit your preferences, budget, sensor technology and mobile network availability. Below are a selection of products from MEA that all send data to be presented in Green Brain website.

The Green Brain Logger

Green Brain BT w450

The Green Brain Logger (Bluetooth) measures attached sensors and stores data locally until downloaded via Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. Data is logged every 30 minutes. Each logger is powered by 3 good quality AA Alkaline batteries that last a few years or more.

To download data from the Green Brain Logger, you’ll need to download the freely available Green Brain Retrieve App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Any smartphone this App can upload the data and send it to Green Brain when it has internet connection. The app doesn’t allow viewing of data; rather, it’s accessible for your account users on the Green Brain web page.

The Green Brain Logger

Green Brain CatM1 w350

The Green Brain Logger (Cellualr) is a versatile, solar powered data logger designed to provide high-quality soil and environmental data for many years.

Connect any industry-compliant SDI-12 sensors (including Aquacheck, EnviroPro or Sentek probes). Other sensor options include: temperature, Rain Gauge, water level, or connect up to 3 gypsum blocks.

Built for Telstra’s CAT-M1 network, which offers better coverage than the 3G network and lower power demands. SMS alerts can be configured for specific conditions (e.g. frost risk, moisture levels).

Field Station & Hub

Plexus w350

Plexus is an on-farm radio network that feeds data from sensors attached to each Field Station in the network to a single Hub. The Hub then uploads the data to Green Brain via Telstra’s cellular network. One or two soil moisture and climate sensors can be attached to each Field Stations. The entire system is solar-powered and uploads data every 30 minutes.

Plexus data uploads can be increased to every 5 minutes for short periods in order to send critical alerts  – for example: frost response


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